We are happy to announce that our overseas recruitment talks are now open for registration. On 4thSeptember 2019, we will successively schedule a session in National University of Singapore.

Who are we

For many, this name may not ring a bell yet. Westlake University is a budding research university based in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, China. Since its inception, the university has received steadfast support and highlighted endorsements from businesses, the media, the public, governments and institutions at various levels across public and private sectors.

What makes us different

Unlike many universities, higher education institutions and research institutes, we are a flagship university in China’s ongoing education reform and at the forefront of China’s scientific progress. We are a chartered university on an uncharted journey responsive to the calling of our era. With an iconic educational philosophy of a high-aiming, focused and research-oriented university, we are the benchmark of cultivating talented people from the doctoral level onwards only in selective and STEM-first disciplines, such as medicine, science, and engineering.

We are a young and thriving university that is small but perfectly formed. As we grow and evolve, every day is brand new as we march into the future of infinite possibilities. Here at Westlake, you can freely celebrate innovative thoughts and meaningful ideas, be bold and untold in your research and study, and work, learn, and play out your ideas meticulously and tirelessly to your heart content. Together, we map out the future of technology and humanity.

Along the course, just remember there is no stupid idea but only cowards who dare not to try it out. Do not be afraid of failure, as failure opens the door to the greatness and success. Join us together in this remarkable life-changing journey. You are never alone in making your mark on a better world!



Time and Date



National University of Singapore


Coriander Room, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore

Prof. Min QIU

Chair Professor of Photonics, Vice President of Westlake University


Principal Investigator, School of Engineering





  纳米与能源中心: 物理、化学、材料科学与工程、能源工程与技术、化学工程与技术、光学工程、机械工程等相关学科;
  环境与资源中心: 环境科学与工程、材料科学与工程、资源工程与技术、化学工程与技术等相关学科。
  如果您的betway必威棋牌网址 领域不在上述招聘学科方向中、但您在本领域世界范围内处于领先地位,我们同样欢迎您申请西湖大学!请注明您的学科方向和您的研究特色。

Schools and Disciplines

School of Life Sciences

Biology, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, and other related theoretical and applied research;

Physiology, neurobiology, genetics, immunology, pharmacology, and other related theoretical and applied research;

We welcome outstanding researchers of biological and medical studies and advanced studies with biology and/or medicine as an interface.

School of Science

Mathematics: number theory (arithmetic geometry, analytic number theory, self-contained forms, etc.), algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, representation theory, harmonic analysis, multiple complex functions, partial differential equations, differential geometry and geometric analysis, algebraic topology, and low dimensionality topology, etc.

Physics: quantum physics, condensed matter physics, atomic molecular physics, optics, etc.;

Chemistry: synthetic chemistry, materials chemistry, chemical biology, biophysical chemistry, catalysis and surface interface chemistry, theory and computational chemistry;

We welcome outstanding scholars of science and advanced research with science disciplines as interfaces.

School of Engineering

Center for Intelligent Science and Technology:computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, electronic science and technology, optical engineering, mechanical engineering (intelligent manufacturing) and other related disciplines;

Center for Nanotechnology and Energy Engineering:physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, energy engineering and technology, chemical engineering and technology, optical engineering, mechanical engineering and other related disciplines;

Center for Environment and Resource Engineering:environmental science and engineering, materials science and engineering, resource engineering and technology, and chemical engineering and technology.

Others:applicants who have solid project backgrounds in cutting-edge research fields of engineering and who can uphold themselves to world-class academic standards are equally welcomed. Please indicate “School of Engineering_Others” in the subject line of your email when applying.

We also keep our arms open for outstanding researchers in world-leading research areas not listed above. Please specify your discipline and research highlights in the subject line.


  中国光学学会会士、国际电气和电子工程师协会会士(IEEE Fellow)、美国光学学会会士(OSA Fellow)和国际光学工程学会会士(SPIE Fellow)、国家杰出青年科学基金获得者。1995年和1999年获浙江大学理学学士和博士学位,2001年获瑞典皇家工学院工学博士。历任瑞典皇家工学院光子学正教授(2009年),浙江大学光电学院教授(2010年),西湖大学光学工程讲席教授(2018年)。

  2003年毕业于清华大学计算机科学专业,获得学士学位;2006 年毕业于牛津大学计算机科学专业,获得硕士学位;2009 年毕业于牛津大学计算机科学专业,获得博士学位。2010年 3月- 2012年6月在剑桥大学 计算机科学专业从事博士后研究,2012年7月-2018年8月在新加坡科技与设计大学担任助理教授。


Prof. Min QIU

Chair Professor and Vice President of Photonics, Westlake University

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow

Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow

International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) Fellow

Chinese Optical Society (CNOS) Fellow

National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Awardee

BSc & Ph.D. in Physics (Zhejiang University, 1995, 1999), Ph.D. in Electromagnetics (KTH, 2001).

Full Professor of Photonics (KTH, 2009)

Professor of Photonics (Zhejiang University, 2010)

Chair Professor of Photonics (Westlake University, 2018)


Principle Investigator, School of Engineering, Westlake University

B.Eng. in Computer Science (Tsinghua University, 2003), M.Sc. in Computer Science (Oxford, 2006), Ph.D. in Computer Science (Oxford, 2009), Postdoc (Cambridge, 2010 - 2012), Assistant Professor (SUTD, 2012 - 2018)